I’m in total denial

So we met with a potential child care provider family last night to talk about their plans for opening an in-home day care and see what questions, suggestions, and other stuff we had for them.  It’s a friend of a friend – she worked in a day care up until she delivered her baby last week.  For her to put her two kids in the same day care where she worked, she would bring home only about $40-$50 for every 80 hour payperiod.  They’re doing everything right – getting certified by the state, setting it up as a business, etc. and they’re really nice people.  We’ll look at a few others just to do our due diligence, but will most likely go with them.  Plus, just starting out they’re charging us dirt cheap rates AND we’ll be able to take advantage of the flexible childcare spending account offered by Ben’s work.  Gotta love using those pre-tax dollars!   🙂

Aaaaaaanyways, I digress.  We went over there for dinner and to essentially do a meet & greet.  I was completely transfixed by Timothy, their almost two week old son.  I couldn’t put two and two together that her baby is only 2 lbs heavier than the one I’m carrying and is roughly about the same length.  There was NO WAY I could imagine that little baby completely curled up in a ball inside of me.. none whatsoever. 

Ben was afraid to even touch him (he says it was because babies are delicate – see his comment below). He refused to hold him, but I gave in and held him for a while.  I figured that would make it seem real but nope, I’m still in denial.  We’re going to be in for a rude rude awakening, I’m afraid. 

Once we got home Shiloh immediately noticed that I had been holding something else – she sniffed my hand pretty thoroughly but didn’t seem too concerned.  After she made sure to sniff every inch of my hand and arm that touched the baby she put her paws on my shoulders and sniffed my face and hair to make sure that I was the same person.  Silly dog.  Jersey couldn’t care less that we smelled like another strange human.  I don’t think we’ll have any problems bringing the baby home with the dogs.

Nothing much is new on the baby front – just wishin’ & hopin’ still.  My sister leaves for Vermont August  April 16th – 21st and I’m under strict orders not to have her during that time.  We’ll know more at my next Dr.’s appointment on the 16th.


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  1. darcZombie
    Apr 08, 2009 @ 10:57:05

    You need to clarify that I wasn’t afraid to hold him. I wasn’t terrified but at that young of an age it isn’t my kid. I’ll hold Mallory all day long!

    And I’ll HOLD you to that – holding Mallory all day long 🙂


  2. Allison
    Apr 08, 2009 @ 11:53:11

    If you are still pregnant by August 16th you will be the size of the octumom! 😉

    If I was still pregnant in August you would see the first case of self-induced Caesarean by butterknife.

    Your sister’s timing is cutting it pretty close I will say!

    Well, Reggaefest is the same time every year – she’s had her trip planned for that long.


  3. DarcKnyt
    Apr 08, 2009 @ 14:39:26

    I’m sure you meant April, not August. Unless you’ve got the gestation period of an elephant, there is NO WAY you’re still going to be pregnant in August.

    Oh yeah, April. Duh. Elephants have gestation periods of TWO years – that’s what makes the baby elephant born at the Columbus Zoo so special 😉

    Dogs are only sharp observers. They’ll be fine. 🙂 They just noticed something, but don’t delude yourself into believing they don’t know you’re having a baby. They can already smell Mallory, probably distinct from you, and they’re probably pretty sure when the due date is. 😉

    Pfft, I’m pretty sure Shiloh has known for a WHILE when this kid is coming. My past posts have been all about her clinginess and how I call her ‘Velcro Dog’ since she’s stuck to my side all the time. Last night she changed her regular place when I’m in the tub from curling up right beside the tub waiting for me to get out to lying in the doorway staring at me. Do you know how hard it is to peacefully relax and take a bath when you have an Australian Shepherd staring at you?


  4. claire
    Apr 08, 2009 @ 15:33:53

    Good luck finding the perfect daycare for Mallory. Things to consider w/ in home care: sick days & vacation (when they’re sick or gone, you have to use your sick/vacation days, too); curriculum (more so when they’re older, duh!), emergency plans, cleanliness, flex hours.

    Hmmm.. those are all excellent things to think about and to have them build into the contract / agreement. Thanks for the heads up!

    We had an in-home provider for a while, and it was working okay until we realized she was watching more than 11 kids for the summer — ILLEGAL! We also had a take a lot of time off when her son was in a freak accidnet and crushed his ankle in a forklift. He had a ton of surgeries and appointments and she had to close. Then we switched to a center.

    I remember you telling me this horror story – ai yai yai! Luckily, this couple wants to do it all by the book and be accredited and stuff. Plus, they’re good friends with one of my co-workers who would let me know if there was anything hinky going on.

    Here we go to the Goddard School and I would not hesitate to recommend it 110% to anyone. But, it’s something you can consider when Mallory is a little older. Her first year she will do a lot of sleeping, eating and pooping…! 🙂

    We’ll definitely consider a day care when she’s older but I just can’t bring myself to put her in one when she’s that little. Plus, the risk of getting colds and other germs in that first year at a center would be exponentially higher, I’d think.

    It’s a tough choice!! Good luck to you!

    Thanks! I might run some stuff by you to get your opinion as it gets closer.


  5. DarcsFalcon
    Apr 09, 2009 @ 03:18:13

    An awakening yes, rude, no. It will be joyful. 🙂 I suspect the awe and wonder will just fill you to overflowing in an instant. It’s the kind of thing that doesn’t make sense, until it makes sense. Like falling in love. 🙂

    LOL – this baby will probably give new meaning of “Shock & Awe” to Ben and me, I’m sure. As in we’re in total shock and absolutely in awe of this baby.


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