Best Birthday Gift EVER!

My mom got me the best birthday gift ever… a full housecleaning. We’re talking surface stuff, dust bunnies, and *windows*! At first I was hesitant, but it’s truly been a blessing. It seemed like I was constantly having to start at one place and make my way back around, but doing it like this I had a clean house in one day. It’s easier when someone else cleans your house (and faster!) because they don’t get sidetracked by your stuff or derailed with another project. Needless to say, I’m going to find the money in our budget to have her come in bi-weekly to keep things looking good. I can’t BELIEVE how much mental stress having my house removed… especially since so many other big things are in the works.

What big things, you ask?

* Mallory is full-fledged walking now. In fact, I expect her to be running by the end of the month.

* My company was acquired by Cardinal Health at the end of July, which makes me a Cardinal Health employee. Benefits rock, pay is comparable, but it’s the unknown that’s driving me batty. The division that took us over has 50 employees; we have 80. My gut feeling tells me that not everyone is going to make it, but we’re all riding out the transition period (30 – 90 days) together. This is adding a ton of mental stress as well, but I figure I should know by vacation who is staying and who is going.

* My nose is doing much better, thank you, but I’m still supposed to stay away from wearing glasses & sunglasses because it’s not quite completely healed. I’m also supposed to keep Little Miss M below chin level, but how can I give her hugs that way?

* Mallory is acquiring more and more words with every passing day. So far we have: yes, no, yep, nope, wow, whoa, good girl, nana, mama, dada, jj, what is, why, bear, let’s go.

Ok, I’m off to bed… and a nice clean relaxing bedroom 🙂