Christmas Spirit

~~ So this is Christmas…. and what have you done? ~~

Good question, John Lennon.  This has been a… different year for us.  It’s the first time we’re celebrating Christmas as a ‘family’ instead of just the two of us.  I’m also missing the Grandmother I lost last year and still mourning the loss of my other remaining grandmother in September. 

We’re also in a fiscal crunch as sales slow down in my line of business.  Not too many small business owners want to shell out $$ for a new server until the economy stabilizes somewhat.  My pipeline is looking mighty scrawny lately.  Bad time to have bought a new car, eh?  But we’re managing by living more simply.  This was the year of no cable (but that will be covered in another post), no gym membership, and no eating out. 

So I’m a little short on Christmas spirit and gifts this year, but that’s okay.  I have my family (especially dear little Squish who we waited 5 years until she came into our lives), we both have jobs which is tough to claim in this turbulent period of history, I have awesome friends, and a very real possibility of a starting a new job with better pay and greater stability shortly after the first of the year.  We’re truly blessed.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!


Caption This…

Shiloh and Mallory… I can see them causing trouble here in the not so distant future.

Hit me with your best caption!