No, it’s not an error on your Google Reader…

I’m truly writing a new blog post… just 2 short months since the last one.  My, how time flies!

So, what’s been going on with me in the last 60+ days?  Well, lemme tell you…

  • Squish is now almost 7 months old.  Can you believe it!?  Her hobbies include beating the crap out of her exersaucer, wearing baby food everywhere (including her eyebrows), rolling around like crazy, and yelling at the puppies.
  • Trying to keep the house in order… which is a battle it seems I’m constantly losing.  The laundry alone is enough to send me screaming for the hills. *sigh*
  • Reading – surprising, I know.
  • Avoiding my filing… it’s my Kryptonite.
  • Watching football.  We caved and bought an antenna.  I was going to go through such horrible withdrawl if I couldn’t watch at *least* one football game a weekend.  I’ve been averaging 2, and sometimes 3, on Sundays, not to mention the college games.  Life is good. 

Squish goes to bed at 8PM so I pretty much have 2.5 uninterrupted hours to do what I want before bed.  I spend about 2 of them trying to get things in order and the other half hour in bed reading, trying to get my brain to turn off before I go to sleep.  I can do pretty much anything I want while she sleeps but might not want to risk running the sweeper 😀

Just updated my work computer to Windows 7.  It’s awesome.  Awesome, awesome, awesome.  And no, I’m not just saying that because I sell Microsoft products.  It’s truly leaps and bounds ahead of Vista.  I’m definitely going to recommend it to my clients.

So…. you may be asking how Squish’s first Thanksgiving went.  Answer?  She fell asleep in her high chair during dinner at 1Pm because the poor thing was exhausted.  Since I have to work today (the Friday after Thanksgiving) and my babysitter is with her family in Michigan, I decided to let her have a sleepover at Grandma’s house last night.  I was fine leaving her there last night, but really missed her this morning.  On the other hand, I slept in until close to 7:30 – 2 hours later than when I usually get up!  By 7:30 we’re already at the babysitter’s on a normal day.

I think Ben is at home hard at work at installing the floor in the dining room.  At least I hope he is 🙂  With Mallory inching closer to crawling every day we need to have more in there than just the plywood floor.  Then we’ll get the basement cleared away so that we can paint trim down there.  YAY!  I can just see it now 🙂

I will make an honest effort to keep up so that I don’t do a brain dump every 2 months or so.  Hopefully, I should have some more good news that I’m able to share closer to the end of the year…  No, not another baby!