Ah, Milestones.

Mallory has hit an impressive amount of milestones in her short life…

Roll over?  Check.

Sit up on her own?  Check.

Crawl like the devil himself is behind her?  Check.

Pull herself up on furniture, my leg, the dogs, et al?  Check.

Feed herself from a spoon and eat more than she wears?  Check.

Take her very first unassisted steps this weekend?  Check.

Tell me, where in that list of notable accomplishments is the one that says, ‘Break Momma’s Nose?’  Maybe she’s going for the more advanced milestones now that she has the easy ones out of the way.

So yeah, she broke my nose.  We were playing on the bed, she had Ben’s cell phone, he took it away, she got mad and flung herself backwards.  I was laying down and unfortunately, my nose broke her fall.  Or her fall broke my nose…

I went to get x-rays at an urgent care and they told me it looked fractured but that I needed to follow up with an ear, nose, and throat doctor.  Outwardly, it didn’t look like anything was wrong with me.  My face was a little swollen but it wasn’t like I had black eyes or anything. Luckily, my mom has the hookup when it comes to doctor referrals and I saw the ENT on Thursday.  He took a look, pressed a bit on my nose, and told me that the treatment was to knock me out, reset the fractured bone, and put a cast on my face that I would have to wear for 6 days.

When I was done laughing I believe I asked him, “No, really.  Do I just wait for this to get better or what?”  Imagine my surprise when he repeated himself – knock me out, reset the fractured bone, and put a cast on my face for 6 days.  I almost cried at this point.  Here I thought my mom was just jerking me around when she told me I might need to have surgery.

I asked the doc what my options were and the surgery was preferable.  Alternative A was to do nothing and risk permanent damage, especially since the bone is pressing on a nerve.  I can push on one section of my nose right now and it makes my left nostril go numb.  Kinda cool but nothing I want on a long-term basis.   Alternative B is to wait about 6-8 weeks to see if my nose heals on its own.  If the bone doesn’t reset itself then I would need the same surgery only they would probably have to cut the bone because it would have fused.  Count me out!

Think of me this Friday; that’s when I’m having this whole mess straightened out.  (No pun intended).  I plan to have pictures taken and saved for when Mallory is old enough to appreciate it.  If I get adventurous I might even post one here for you guys to see.