Time flies!

A year ago I was massively uncomfortable and waiting for Mallory to make her grand entrance into the world.  Boy, was I unprepared.  She turns one on Saturday and as I look back, I can’t believe how miraculous a baby’s first year is.  From completely dependent on us and helpless to asserting her independence through crawling and hooting at us.

Yes, I said hooting… she loves to just make noises as well as say dadada over and over again.  On the rare occasion she will eek out a ‘mama,’ but her newest favorite sounds are wub wub wub and bub bub bub.  She has all four of her upper front teeth and the four lower ones as well as a full lower molar with another one breaking through.  Her toothy grin just cracks me up.  Her eyes have stayed blue – surprising since mine are green and Ben’s are hazel.

We’re working on transitioning her from a bottle to a sippy cup, but it’s been a difficult struggle.  She has absolutely no interest in it.  None.  There is a small glimmer of hope – our babysitter got her to drink 2 oz out of it today.  Hallelujah!  We’ve gotten lucky in the fact that Mallory doesn’t want a binkie or suck her thumb.  That’s one less habit to break.

Oh yeah!  I started my new job and I love it!  No more sales… more supporting existing accounts.  The bulk of the resources of this company are geared to the support of their account base, which is rare in this day and age.  It’s interesting that the org chart of this company has the CEO at the top, but he’s not at the pinnacle.  The customer is above even him and it’s trickled down throughout the entire organization.

Soooooo, what’s new with you?