My Cell Phone Conundrum

I hate technology.  Funny, isn’t it?  I work for a company that peddles the stuff.  Today, my ire is directed at cell phones, notably Smart Phones.  Sure, it’s great for me to have the Internet, my email, and other stuff at hand, but is it really *necessary*?  I’m beginning to think the answer is ‘no.’

My cell phone is the Samsung Saga.  It has about a 12 hour battery life (and that’s pushing it) if you don’t use synch-heavy applications like Exchange or Internet Explorer.  DUH.  It’s a smartphone.  That’s what they do.  Plus, lately it’s been dropping calls to the point of where I have actually ordered landline service from AT&T to the tune of $14.95/month so that I have a reliable phone at home.  I also have mysterious disappearances of texts in 2 week blocks.  I know that I’ve sent and/or received texts in those period of time, but they just randomly disappear.  All in all, I’m pretty disappointed with Verizon, its service, and Samsung phones.

Now, on to today’s issue!  As I walked into Verizon today I could feel my heartbeat start racing and my fight or flight reaction kicked in.  I *hate* going in there because it’s always bad news and it seems like it’s never in the customer’s favor.  After I signed in on the little kiosk, I waited about 20 minutes until I got called back to talk to a service rep.  She looked up my account, saw that I was three days outside my warranty and told me that my only option to solve my problems would be to get a new phone.  I could upgrade to a blah blah blah phone for only $199 today.  Seriously?

When I asked what my $5/month insurance payment went towards, she told me that they could ‘depot return’ my phone for a fee of $50 and I would receive a refurbished unit of my current model in 3-5 business days.  Again, SERIOUSLY?  She couldn’t understand why I didn’t want to sign up for a new phone that very day. 

There may be some changes here in the future that may not require me to be so technologically dependent, but those are in next week.  I’m stuck between suffering through what I’m dealing with now, getting shafted by paying $50 for a phone that I know has quality issues, or buying more phone than I need and spending money I don’t really want to spend.   I feel held hostage!


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  1. DarcsFalcon
    Feb 20, 2010 @ 04:55:59

    I’m so sorry you’re having problems like this with your phone and with Verizon. I can only say that they’ve been really great with us whenever we’ve had a problem that needed taking care of, which hasn’t been for a while.

    In our family Verizon is considered the ‘best of the worst.’ Sadly, we’re all tied to them with varying length contracts but at least we get to call each other free 😉

    I would say hold out for a few days, since it might be a moot point in the near future. (saying prayers!) Then you can get a phone that suits you better.

    That’s exactly what I’m going to do – nothing rash, just wait until the end of next week. Maybe that’s my ‘yay Kristy’ reward for myself. I’m eyeing the Google Droid phones right now. I think I’m just Microsoft-ed out.

    And, for what it’s worth, the phone you have might be a bit lemony, and a new one – even a refurbed new to you one, might be better. Tough call to make, I know, but maybe something to consider. Darc had a phone like that we had to have replaced twice before we got one that worked right. They didn’t give us any hassles about it, so perhaps CS has gone downhill since then.

    I had to get my Motorola Q (the original model) replaced FOUR times. Then, I had to get my Samsung i-760 replaced twice. My mom has this crazy theory that I have a higher than usual electromagnetic field or something. Maybe that would also explain why my skin tends to just dissolve nickel? Hmmm… we may be on to something here!


  2. DarcKnyt
    Feb 20, 2010 @ 19:34:38

    Uh-oh for VZW customer service. Gulp.

    They have this great new training plan. They just try to sell you a new one! 🙂

    I’m eyeballing that new plan — and Lord help me I can’t remember the company offering it — which has unlimited minutes (!), texts and data for $45/mo. That’s about or less what we’re paying now and we don’t get unlimited nothin’ ‘cept nights and weekends, meh.

    Ummmmm…. T-Mobile I think. Or it could be Sprint. I dunno. I think they’re gradually all moving in that general direction. I’m still paying $44.99 / month for an unlimited data plan! EVERYONE has those for $29.99/month now. I’m getting shafted, and not in a good way!

    Good luck with the new … whatever. Phone, opportunity, et. al.

    LOL – hopefully they’re all resolved by the end of next week and it will be a moot point.


  3. Greg Sprowls
    Feb 20, 2010 @ 21:36:48

    Have you looked into Google Voice? You can sign up for a local number that you point to any phone you use. That way if you lose your cell phone for several days all your calls would be routed to another phone regardless of carrier or number. I use one and it also has a great feature for filtering calls. Something to think about … but it causes you to go further down the rabbit hole as far as technology is concerned.

    I have a Google Voice number right now but haven’t really given it to anyone just yet. I think I need to give it to my mother and my sister so they can just get ahold of me at one number. If this opportunity works out then I will freely hand out the Google number for everyone as my primary contact number. It’s just frustrating. I like how the voicemail gets turned into a text – woo hoo! I hate listening to voicemail on my phone… that’s so early nineties. We’ll have to go to dinner with you guys sometime and you can tell me more how to get the most out of Google Voice. Teach me, oh master! 🙂


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