Winter Wonderland

Oh. My. Goodness.  The 3 – 5″ of snow we were expecting over the weekend turned into 14″ – the official tally at our house.  It was such a beautiful blanket of pristine whiteness wherever you looked; no one was out in the midst of the storm because it was coming down so fast.  We averaged between an inch to an inch and a half an hour.  Some of the snowflakes that fell were about the size of a half dollar.   It was a wet snow as well, which made for some interesting problems.  The first is that it came down heavily, froze in some areas, and got packed down and rutted on some of the lesser travelled roads.  We tried to go out to dinner with our family on Friday night but the 4-Runner was sliding around like a hippo on ice so we turned around and went home. 

They’re expecting another wintry blast of 4 – 8″ tonight and tomorrow, tapering off by Wednesday.  Yee haw – bring it on!  My little Versa handles well in the snow, I’ve found out.  On the way to Squish’s doctor’s appointment on Friday there were cars that were just sliding around like crazy.  I saw a Camaro creeping along trying to keep its tires pointing straight.  The poor guy – he was just miserable.  The only issue I ran into with my Versa was that the snow piled up so quickly that peaks that formed between the tire tracks sometimes caught on the bottom of my car.  You could see where it was flattened in places by other cars running it over.  I’ve never seen that happen in Columbus before…

Oh yeah… Squish has 7 teeth.  4 are fully broken through, the other three are working on it.  What’s funny is that she has three on the bottom middle, but her top two teeth haven’t come through yet.  Instead, she has her eye teeth and the two teeth on either side breaking through.  I call her my little vampire baby 🙂  She’s now babbling away – still says Da Da all the time, but no Ma Ma yet.  Whenever I try to get her to say Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma she looks at me and just blows raspberries.  She’s also chattering away with Ba Ba Ba and astonishingly, Va Va Va.  And yes, she’s still growling.  The child is full of hilarity.

How was YOUR weekend?


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  1. whatigotsofar
    Feb 08, 2010 @ 11:16:50

    Send some snow up here. The GTA has only had one real snowfall this winter. It’s February and I can’t remember where I left my snow shovel. The last few times it snowed, it was less than an inch of accumulation. I’ve been letting the snow naturally melt in the sunlight in my driveway instead of having to actually shovel it.

    We’re getting hammered here and I’m loving it. Of course, the city is shutting down because of excess snow, but that’s ok. I just get nervous when there’s ice mixed into the forecast. I moved an appointment I was supposed to have first thing tomorrow morning to Thursday, just to be on the safe side.

    Where’s my snow days???

    LOL – just like a Canadian. Coveting things people in the US have and wanting them for their own. 😉


    • whatigotsofar
      Feb 08, 2010 @ 13:50:17

      There’s only two things Canada wants that the US has:
      1 – Super Bowl commercials
      2 – cheap booze/smokes

      Everything else, we get.
      In terms of the snow thing, everywhere else in Canada has been snowbombed all winter. It’s just Toronto that’s been dry/warm. We had a lot of percipitation, but it was warm, therefore rain.


  2. Sherri
    Feb 08, 2010 @ 12:21:36

    Growling babies are funny. Combine that with her vampire teeth, though, and maybe you should lock your bedroom door at night…just in case. LOL

    She *does* get all lovey when she’s tired and tries to nuzzle in close to my face / neck. Hmmmm… I wonder what would happen if I gave her garlic? 🙂


  3. DarcKnyt
    Feb 08, 2010 @ 14:37:01

    It’s funny to read about you guys in OHIO, in the middle of the SNOWBELT (or RUST belt as some call it), freaking out over snow. Every few years this craphole gets hammered like that, but lately we’ve had nice, mild winters. I’m sure the other shoe will drop soon, but for now, it’s been pretty nice up here.

    *Points and laughs at K*

    TECHNICALLY the Snow Belt is farther north closer to Akron / Cleveland. Typically Central Ohio has mild winters with 1-3″ of forecasted snow striking fear into the hearts of commuters. We were talking about Friday’s epic snowfall making jokes as to which Columbus schools had already cancelled classes for Monday already. Last year the schools ran out of ‘Calamity Days’ and needed to tack on a day or two at the end of the school year. It will be interesting to see if it happens again this year. El Nino and lack of sunspot activity combining together are AWESOME!


    • DarcKnyt
      Feb 08, 2010 @ 15:46:25

      Oh, okay, so TECHNICALLY it doesn’t get snowy and cold in OHIO?! I call BS!! You’re just wimpy down there! ADMIT IT! AAAAAADMIIIIIIIT IIIIIIIIT!!

      Ok there, Rex Ryan…. 🙂 I hope by ‘you’ you’re inferring ‘the people of Central Ohio’ and not me personally. I love the snow and laughing at people who think the world is ending. Bring. It. On.


  4. DarcsFalcon
    Feb 08, 2010 @ 17:43:54

    Snow days! What fun! Of course, I’m being sarcastic. 😀 That was a real whopper you guys got – I saw a time lapse thing on Blame it on the Voices of the snowfall and it was pretty cool. But, so glad it’s not us!

    Yeah, it’s pretty darn awesome. Today it’s coming down hard and heavy again. Not as big of flakes as last time, but it’s definitely accumulating.

    Don’t feel bad, my baby didn’t say Mama for the longest time. She said everything else first. In fact, I blogged about it, that’s how late she was in saying it. When she says it, your heart will melt and it won’t matter when she said it, because it will be the most meaningful thing she says. 🙂 You’ll see.

    Yeah, Ben keeps telling me she’ll say it when she’s ready but it doesn’t make it feel better. She actually was going “ummmmmmmmm” at one point and I thought that we were *this* close to getting it, but then she just reverted back to Da Da Da Da. I think Ben is giving her puffed rice cereal under the table to bribe her not to say it 🙂 My mom tells me that soon enough I’ll want to change my name from “Mama” to something else.


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