Weekend Wrap Up – New Tooth Edition

This weekend was hectic, but a lot of that was self-induced.  Friday night featured late night grocery shopping, Saturday saw lots of visitors and a cranky baby, and Sunday was a dash around the house getting things picked up with the added bonus of a cranky baby.  She has been re-nicknamed to ‘Crankapotamus.’  Mom and Dad call her Miss Fussypants.

Previously I thought that we were going to visit Ben’s mom on Sunday so I made plans for my parents to come and visit on Saturday.  I got a last minute phone call from Ben letting me know that he forgot his brother was in town from SC this weekend and that he and Ben’s mom would be over for lunch on Saturday.  Cue instant panic.   I had a work appointment run over to close to 6PM, I completely missed my service appointment at the dealership (tire sensors SUCK!), and I ended up picking up pizza on my way home.  We got the Squish to bed and afterwards I worked on a grocery list using stuff found on The Grocery Game website.  Basically, it looks through all the specials on sale at your supermarket (advertised and non-advertised), scans the coupon database from the last 3 months or so and puts them into 3 categories:  Buy only if you need it, stock up, and FREE after coupon.  The cost is $10 every 8 weeks but I saved way over that on just my first week.  I can’t wait to see what it’s going to be this week.   I know, I’m such a cost-savings geek.  I’m planning our meals for the week around what’s on sale and stockpiling the rest.  I spent about 3/4 of what we normally spend and amazed Ben when he opened the pantry and fridge.  I think he was a little shocked to see 2 large pork roasts in there but we got them all separated and now have almost 2 weeks worth of pork.

So yeah, I went to the grocery store at 10:45PM and walked in the door around 1AM.  I put all the groceries away, got something to drink and headed up to bed.  Once there I couldn’t sleep.  Grrr!  We got up early the next morning and I picked up the house and got it company ready while Ben watched Richard Scarry’s Busy Town cartoons on PBS.  He claims he had them on for Mallory.  Mmm hmm.  We had leftover roast beef with gravy on toast (yum!) and I whipped up some instant chocolate pudding.  Not gourmet, but not pizza either.  Had a nice visit with Ben’s mom and brother and then we headed out to Half Price Books and Blick Art Supply inbetween visits.  We got Squish a few books (Ben insisted on Walter the Farting Dog) and perused some crock pot cookbooks.  Ben couldn’t understand why I didn’t BUY the cookbooks, but I secretly have them on reserve at the library.  Gotta test drive ’em first before they can occupy valuable cookbook shelf space.  Had a good visit with my parents until Squish had a meltdown over dinner.  At least she crawl / scootched for them while they were here.  She really cranked up the decibel level though.  That kid can shriek.

Finally figured out why she was so cranky on Sunday morning – a third little tooth was poking out on the bottom right next to the other two.  That’s three on the bottom, none on the top.  We introduced her to those little puffed rice stars again.  When we first tried them last weekend it triggered her gag reflex and she booted everything she had eaten in the last few hours.  Luckily, she was sitting in her high chair at the time and it was all neatly caught in the tray.  Bonus!  Got a lot done around the house – whittled down the laundry heap – tackled the scary basement while she took a nap – and watched two Scooby Doo movies on Netflix.  The Samurai one and ummmm… the Abominable Snowman one.  Again, they were for the Squish.  I wanted to watch Smokin’ Aces      but Ben wouldn’t let me watch it with the baby around *sigh*.  We think she said, “No!” this weekend at one point.  I’ve been telling her ‘no’ when she bangs things against the wall while I change her.  Her comb, a shoe, a toy, anything  that she can get her hands on she’ll bang against the wall to make noise.

I bought the Liver of Sulphur at Blick Art Supply and it is in a secure location awaiting me to use it.  I hope that piece of copper chain is enjoying its last bright shiny week of existence.  It will be burnished this weekend… bwahahahahahha!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. DarcKnyt
    Feb 01, 2010 @ 15:13:02

    Ah, the prolific and frequently-spotted Crankapotamus. How well I know them. And you have only ONE child to deal with. HA! Just wait, sister; start multiplying that crank-factor and things get really fun.

    Yes, the highly elusive Crankapotamus has reared its ugly head. Believe me, we already have crank-factor multiplication going on in our house. Ben gets frustrated when she’s cranky so then he morphs into Captain Crankypants, leaving me the only sane one. Yay, fun!

    Glad to see you’ve wrestled yourself free from the grasp of the SSRLP (slurp!). Can’t wait to read all about it.


  2. DarcsFalcon
    Feb 01, 2010 @ 17:35:03

    Captain Crankypants! Hahahahaha! 😀 LOVE that one!

    If the moniker fits…

    You were so busy over the weekend that I’M tired just reading about it! LOL Sounds like you have it all under control hon, and doing a good job at it.

    I’m starting to take Monday’s ‘off.’ They’re typically hectic and I usually work my butt off over the weekend, but I don’t feel guilty lazing about on a Monday night for some reason. So I have my book, the dishes are done, and everything is packed and/or picked out for tomorrow.

    Hey, Firefox has a grocery list add-on you can install, to help make grocery lists … let me see if I can find it … here it is! https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/1327

    Ooooohhhh! I’m a sucker for lists. However, after installing that one I’m a little overwhelmed. I’d have to upload all my recipes into the database… oh wait, I already use lots of online recipes. Hmmmm… this may have potential. I wonder if I can customize the amounts and such? Thanks for the nifty tool to add to my arsenal!


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