The Internet Lies…

I have this gorgeous piece of copper chain that I bought for a steal because it was so bright and shiny that no one really wanted it.  I figured if I waited long enough it would oxidize on its own and get to that beautiful rich dark coppery goodness that neglected copper develops.  A year later and that stubborn petulant piece of copper is still bright and shiny fresh.  About 6 months ago I did a search on the ‘Net to see how to wipe that smug sense of satisfaction from that gleaming link of chain. 

It told me that I could use egg whites (sorry, no can do… that’s way too close to wearing salmonella.  Plus, it said it took a really long time and I have zero patience), some weird crazy recipe that I was in no mood to try, or I could use liver of sulphur.  I looked up places to buy liver of sulphur and it was fairly inexpensive.  The downsize is that to ship it required hazmat insurance or something crazy.  So the chemical itself was $16, but the shipping on it was over $33!  I found a local place to buy it but they only sold it by the gallon.  Liver of sulphur isn’t exactly something I’d use on an everyday basis and DEFINITELY not in that quantity.  So, I figured that shimmering self-righteous piece of copper had won that battle, but I was determined not to let it win the war.

Imagine my surprise and absolute delight this morning when I opened my email and found that my favorite online bead store (in Seattle, no less!) was now carrying Liver of sulphur and it seemed they weren’t restricted to any wacky shipping restrictions.  FusionBeads is carrying it in two sizes and it’s on SALE!   Just for kicks, I Googled how to use it and found that the page I used had a listing of what stores in the US carried it.  Believe it or not, but Blicks Art Supply, of which there is one RIGHT DOWN THE MOTHER EFFING STREET stocks the liquid form for only $3.95!  Guess where I’m going this weekend?  That piece of copper is goin’ down.

Other plans include…. childproofing the house since the Squish is now crawling.  Well, I hesitate to call it ‘crawling,’ but she’s definitely in motion.  She lays on her belly, rocks from the left to the right while pushing off the floor with her toes.  It’s more of a modified scoot, but she’s fast enough that she can get places very quickly.  In a few short weeks she will most likely be pulling herself up on furniture (or the dogs – yikes!) and actually crawling to  get where she wants to go.  Where did our itty bitty baby go?  *sniffle*

As for the rest of the weekend…

  • We’re getting rid of Ben’s car – the salvage yard is coming to retrieve it after it blew a head gasket / cracked the engine block.
  • Visiting Ben’s mom – our weekend trip.
  • Cleaning the house top to bottom, including mopping the kitchen floor.  Now that Squish is mobile I need to be more vigilant against dust bunnies and common household grunge, including dog hair.
  • Whoop that piece of copper chain’s ASS with a Liver of Sulphur smackdown!
  • The usual grocery store, other  stuff, blah blah blah.

What’s on your plate for the weekend?


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. DarcsFalcon
    Jan 31, 2010 @ 16:42:14

    You are the busy bee! Wow! Good luck with kicking that copper’s butt. Me, I’d just have gotten it wet and let it sit outside for a few days or weeks. But, I like the shiny new penny look.

    Well, this doesn’t make it patina with green like a penny. This is where you take the bright shiny copper and make it the darkened color. Not sure it happens with just water and time. However, I have the Liver of Sulphur in my grasp; next weekend is D-Day for that piece of copper!

    More reasons to go after the dustbunnies! As though you needed any, LOL.

    Those dustbunnies are going down, too. Viva la revolution!

    Will you be a 1 car family for a while or will you be going shopping any time soon?

    Luckily, my parents have a spare vehicle (Toyota 4 Runner) that they are letting Ben borrow until we can purchase his mom’s extra car. But we have to wait for the whole probate thing to get settled *sigh*. Ohio is stupid.


  2. whatigotsofar
    Feb 01, 2010 @ 09:45:30

    After going to a special, better grocery store, it’s just so hard and demoralizing to go back to the usual grocery store.

    Actually, I went to the grocery store(s) on Friday night around 10:30 and got home around 12:45. I wasn’t sleepy and figured I could get that much out of the way. You’re right though. I felt so… so… so… plebian shopping at just a regular store. Also, what kind of Kroger closes at 1AM? They were turning the lights out on me as I was checking out!


    • whatigotsofar
      Feb 01, 2010 @ 11:03:08

      I’m guessing Kroger is the name of the grocery store. Who shops for food at midnight? Okay, I do, but that’s just because I had insomnia and hate crowds. But grocery stores should not be open that late.

      Well, I wasn’t sleepy and I knew I had a house full of guests to entertain on Saturday so it was either get up early on Saturday and rush like a maniac with all the weekend shoppers OR go with all the night owl / drunk party girls looking to pick up cheap liquor.

      And this is the USA – grocery stores in metropolitan areas or suburbs that *aren’t* open 24/7 are the exception, not the rule.


      • whatigotsofar
        Feb 01, 2010 @ 13:13:33

        In such a world, how is that the Detroit-area Italian bakery doesn’t open until 10am on Saturdays and is closed on Sundays. Italian bakeries in Toronto are busiest before 10 on Saturdays and keep long hours on Sundays. Screwy American shopkeeps.

        Uhhhhhh, lazy Americans don’t get their asses out of bed and out in public before 10AM on the weekend? Then because they get such a late start they expect the stores to be open late just for them.

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