I have achieved slackerdom…

Wow.  I haven’t posted anything since August 24th.   Officially a slacker, n’est que c’est pas?

Got my tooth issues resolved through a fun root canal, went to the West Coast for a work conference, traveled back to PA for my grandmother’s funeral over the Labor Day weekend, and have watched my child grow like a weed.

Seriously, she has shot up in height by two inches since her last check up.  She’s over 7 inches longer than she was when she was born.  That just FLOORS me.  Her little body is rapidly changing and it seems like every day brings a new surprise.   Her new thing is shrieking in delight when she sees the dogs on her level.  She’s finally outgrown the bouncy seat; I didn’t realize how much we’d come to depend on it.  We replaced it with more floor time and also got her an exersaucer.

Eh, screw it.  Here’s pictures 🙂




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  1. DarcKnyt
    Sep 16, 2009 @ 23:56:14

    That growing thing … MAN it comes by surprise. And so quickly it happens, it’s like you blink and someone replaced your child with a larger one.

    NO KIDDING! I think that elves visit in the night and deliver the updated model – Mallory 2.0 – or something. She’s in the high 70% for both height and weight so we know she’s a big kid but SHEESH. She’s going to be 5 months old next week but is rockin’ out in 6-9 month old clothes. I can’t believe she used to fit width-wise in her crib and now is half the length of it!


  2. DarcsFalcon
    Sep 17, 2009 @ 04:42:44

    Aww, look at that happy face! Makes you just want to nomnomnom those cheeks. 😀

    She’s been nom’ing on *EVERYTHING.* She was nom’ing on her arm this morning in her crib. Ben calls her ‘The Nominator.’ And we’re lucky… she has that happy face most of the time unless she’s reaaaaaally tired or past her feeding time.

    And since you posted pics, we’ll give you a pass on the slacker thing. 😉

    I figured that might earn me a pass. I think that baby pictures could bring about world peace.

    Seriously, it’s good to see you back – I know it’s been so hectic for you lately, I’ve really missed you! *hugs*

    Argh! You’re not kidding, sister! It’s been mega hectic. Thank goodness we’re settling back into some semblance of a normal schedule again. We have Horror Realm this weekend back in PA, but after that it should be *fingers crossed* smooth sailing. I’ve missed you guys, too!


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