And you wonder why we call her Squishypants…

So today my Mom came over to watch Mallory since our steady babysitter’s son had a medical test today.  I thought I’d eat lunch at home today to pop in and see how Mal was doing during the day without her mom.  It would be weird if I did that with our usual sitter, because she’d probably think I was a crazy lady checking up on her, but it was nice to be able to come home for lunch and see the two of them.

Mal usually takes a pretty decent morning nap, but had only slept for 20 minutes when I walked through the door a little after noon.  Mom kept her busy on her floor mat so she didn’t have time to sleep.  I tell you, if sleep wasn’t necessary for survival I doubt my kid would ever close her eyes.  Or wear clothes, but that’s another post for a different day.

While I was home my tooth was REALLY bothering me so I ended up calling my dentist and getting an emergency appointment.  Turns out that my bite guard (yes, that sexy dental appliance that keeps me from damaging my teeth when I clench them in my sleep) wasn’t balanced correctly.  Plus, I have a reaaaaaally old crown that needs replaced.  Not so good news, but nothing that I didn’t know was coming.  Now that I know about it, I can budget for it *sigh*.

I got home a little early because my house is on the way to the dentist office; it made more sense to work from home the rest of the day at 4:15 than drive the extra 10 miles to the office.  Driving down the street I saw my mom and Mallory out for a walk in the break between the clouds.  I did a doubletake – I can’t believe how BIG she’s gotten recently.  Mom met me back at the house and we came in to catch up on stuff that’s going on at work, baby stuff, and other things.

We got to talking about how low maintenance Mal is and how she still hadn’t had a BM.  Not 5 minutes later she let something rip from within her soul and had a super blowout.  We’re talking up the back AND out the leg holes.  Immediate stainage on the onesie and pants she was wearing.  It was such a mess that we gave up on wipes and ran a quickie bath for her in my bathroom sink.  My mom just laughed the whole time – I’m glad she has such a good sense of humor with her.  I’m not sure, but she may have gotten poop on her jeans…

So yeah, that’s how she got the reputation for being Squishypants; one diaper at a time.

What nicknames do you have for your kids / significant other / pet / boss?  Sound off! 🙂


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  1. Allison
    Jul 23, 2009 @ 22:30:23

    I call Griffin so many things I am surprised that he knows who he is…Feef (because when he says his own name it sounds like Feefin), which then led to FeeFee, which then led to feefifo!, which somehow has morphed into Feefuh. We call him booboo a lot because that is how he says Scooby. Other than that he is Griff, and on rare occasion, Griffin 🙂

    And I call him Griff-tastic or the Griffinator.

    Thank goodness those onesies aren’t expensive. We pitched several due to poopsplosions such as the one referenced above 😉

    No kidding! I’ve started buying baby clothes at the local Goodwills or second hand stores. I’m not paying Baby Gap prices for something she’s going to poop on!


  2. DarcKnyt
    Jul 24, 2009 @ 00:09:00

    I don’t know if my children learned their names until they got in trouble for the first time.

    I’ve already pulled out the middle name one day when she was being exceptionally cantankerous. But you’re right; that’s probably the only time she’ll hear herself being called “Mallory.”

    Get used to BMs which slide up the torso, too. This isn’t the first or last.

    Yup, had those already. Ew.


  3. DarcsFalcon
    Jul 24, 2009 @ 02:28:44

    Hahahaha! The stanky body art! LOLOL

    I was like, “WHOA!” Who knew so much poop could eject from such a little body so forcefully? And she laughed, oh how she laughed!

    Pretty soon she’ll just be Squishy, then Squish, then Squid – it’s so funny how the nicknames evolve. 🙂

    Yeah, sometimes I’m like, “c’mon Squish; let’s go see Daddy,” so I can totally see how her nickname will evolve. I guess it’s better than calling her StinkyPants where the natural evolution of that nickname would be “Stink.” 🙂 I can just see us at her 16th birthday party with a cake that says, “Happy Birthday Squish!”


  4. sherri
    Jul 24, 2009 @ 10:02:36

    That kind of thing led to my oldest being called “Tooter”, which she doesn’t appreciate so much now that she’s ten. Still applies.

    Ha! One of her other nicknames is “Tooterbutter” but it only applies when she has gas. Ben also calls her “Dozer.” 😀


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