April 27th – D Day!

I read a depressing statistic this morning – only 5% of babies are born on their due date.  This does not bode well for me today.  I just got an email from a friend who was due two days before me – her contractions started at 4AM and are now 6 minutes are apart.  I’m so freakin’ jealous but happy for her and her husband even though they poached our birthdate.

This weekend was pretty uneventful except for 2+ hours of false labor late Saturday night.  The weather here has been wacky for this time of year (seriously – it was 87 on Saturday and Sunday and expected to be near the same today!) and Ben and I were resisting turning on the A/C convinced that the house would cool down by itself.  Uh yeah, that didn’t happen.  I made him turn on the A/C around 10:30 Saturday night when the first round of fake contractions began.  I figured there was no way I was going to suffer more than I had to 😉

Now I see why it’s called false labor… you truly think, “This is it!”  It reminds me of the time when Ben had kidney stones and kept feeling like he REALLY had to go to the bathroom but then couldn’t.  He kept saying to me the whole way to the emergency room, “Why would my body LIE to me!?”  Same thing applies here. 

I kept an eye on the clock and they were 13 minutes apart, then 11, then 17, then 6, then 14 – all over the place.  They got stronger, then weaker, then… I fell asleep.  I woke up on Sunday morning still pregnant *sigh*.  Had a few twinges on Sunday but nothing since.  She’s really running out of room so even her slightest movements are kind of painful and uncomfortable.  Plus, I think she has discovered that banging into my bladder is fun.

Here’s the plan for this week; can’t remember if I shared it last week or not. 

  • Monday / Tuesday – business as usual.
  • Wednesday – 1st day of maternity leave, going to get stuff done around the house.
  • Thursday – Inducement day.  Checking in to the hospital at 8PM where they’ll start the entire process.
  • Friday – Hopefully, we celebrate her birthday! 

Of course, I’m hoping she throws my carefully constructed plans out the window by coming earlier 🙂  Have a great week – don’t forget to check Twitter for baby updates!


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. darcZombie
    Apr 27, 2009 @ 09:51:43

    Come on kid!! Be on time for things like daddy!

    Yeah right… she’s going to be running behind for things just like her momma. I must admit, I had hoped she would be different.


  2. Sherri
    Apr 27, 2009 @ 10:43:10

    I’m keeping an eye out for that “It’s time!” tweet.

    Could have SWORN it was Saturday night but alas, it was not. Believe me, I’m ready to tweet it to the world 🙂


  3. claire
    Apr 27, 2009 @ 11:35:50

    Hey Girl! 🙂
    Glad you had a good weekend. Good margarita weather…too bad you couldn’t drink yet! 🙂 lol!

    I’ve got Cinco de Mayo (otherwise known as Cinco de Kristy – remind me to tell you THAT story later) circled in red on my calendar. I see margaritas in my future!

    I hope you have a fantastic week. I’m praying for you guys that she will arrive in God’s time and that mommy and Mallory will both be perfectly healthy!

    Well, the weather is beautiful… can’t say as much for my horrifically swollen ankles and feet. I’m stuck with wearing 1 pair of reasonably fashionable shoes to work today and tomorrow. Thank goodness I’m taking Wed/Thurs off! Thanks for the prayers – we appreciate them!




  4. whatigotsofar
    Apr 27, 2009 @ 11:38:31

    I’ve heard this works. Load some rocks into the washing machine, turn it on to some super spin cycle and then sit down on the machine. It will either start the process of birthing a baby, or simulate the sensation of being impregnated, if you know what I mean. But it may break your washing machine.

    I’m not quite to the load-the-washing-machine-with-rocks stage YET but may consider it shortly. I think I’m going to have Ben pick up Olive Garden for dinner. Supposedly eating eggplant parmesan stimulates labor. Plus, their salad is AWESOME so that even if I’m miserable I can still be happy because of their salad *and* I will still have a functional washing machine.


  5. whatigotsofar
    Apr 27, 2009 @ 11:39:04

    And I’ve heard that simulating the sensation of being impregnated helps the baby come out.

    They lie. Believe me, they lie.


  6. DarcKnyt
    Apr 27, 2009 @ 13:30:40

    Tick … tick … tick … you’re a time bomb! Woo! C’mon, baby Mallory!

    I wish I would hit *kaBOOM*!


  7. DarcsFalcon
    Apr 27, 2009 @ 18:56:34

    Oh yeah, sex-induced labor. Heard it works like a charm! LOL Mallory will get here at just the right time – her time, and she won’t be early or late. 🙂 I’m thinking Wednesday.

    I had that false labor too with our son, even went to the hospital but they sent me home. He had other plans though and a couple of days later – without any labor – he decided to show up. Like, rightnowyoudon’thavetimetogettothehospital. So I had a home birth anyway without the insurance provider’s permission. 😀 I was pretty happy about that! They still paid, I still had a home birth – and an amazing story to tell.

    The best thing to do is just relax. Easy to say, I know, but that’s what works the best. Only a few more hours now and she’ll be here!


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