Weekend Plans

This weekend is supposed to be absolutely beautiful in Central Ohio.  Yesterday’s weather was in the mid 60s with sunshine;  today is supposed to be more sunshine and a high of  70 degrees.  Tomorrow is slated to be the best day of the year so far with temperatures in the mid 70s and just bursting with sunshine.  So, what’s a girl to do?

  1. Grill out!  We’ve got pasta salad already made up (the perfect cheap side for any grilled meal) and plan to grill London Broil tonight, steaks my mom is bringing down on Saturday, and chicken or pork tenderloin on Sunday with Ben’s parents.  If it rains Sunday we’ll compromise and have lasagna. 
  2. Spring Clean!  We’ll open all the windows, leave the sliding glass door to the patio open and let the fresh air in.  Mom and I will be tackling my kitchen this weekend – getting it spotless and organized.  I hate a messy kitchen.  I probably won’t be allowed to do much other than direct what goes where, but we’ll get it done.
  3. Put the dogs outside.  The puppies love to lounge in the sun, shade, and anywhere in between when the weather is nice.  They’re perfectly content to spend the entire day outside if they have fresh water and someone  throws the frisbee and/or tennis ball with them for a while.
  4. Spend some time in the yard.  Last weekend I sat in a patio chair with my feet up reading a good book while soaking in some sun.  I may have to repeat that this weekend 🙂 

What are your weekend plans?


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. whatigotsofar
    Apr 17, 2009 @ 10:44:16

    – Empty my old office and find a new home for all my files
    – Pick up dry cleaning
    – “Bake” a cake
    – Go to a party in which I know few people
    – Take mom out for brunch
    – Find birthday present for sister
    – Car needs an oil change
    and most important of all

    You’re cutting it kinda close for the birthday present for your sister seeing as how the party’s tomorrow. Awfully nice of you to take your mom out for brunch though. I’m a little scared of why ‘bake’ a cake is in quotes… is that code for burn, ruin, or mutilate a cake? 🙂

    I’m going to attempt to make Chess Bars this weekend. It’s yummy delicious cream cheese goodness. Wish me luck!


  2. Allison
    Apr 17, 2009 @ 12:49:40

    I think we might hit the zoo in the morning. Maybe throw in some cleaning too! I don’t know if Brad will be up for throwing some burgers (veggie for me!), corn on the cob, and potatoes on the grill but it sure sounds good.

    Ben tried to con me into going to the zoo this afternoon but I shot that one down. I’m not paying to get in and for parking only to be able to walk around for 1/2 hour before I’m exhausted. I fell asleep in a patio chair under the maple tree in the back yard instead 🙂

    We’re definitely firing up the grill tonight – looking forward to it.


  3. DarcKnyt
    Apr 17, 2009 @ 14:09:03

    Weekend plans? Um … let’s see …


  4. claire
    Apr 17, 2009 @ 15:02:34

    -play date with a mom from bible study
    -2 yr old bday party in the booming metropolis of lithopolis
    -estimate from the painter (for the basement)
    -platedate in westerville

    other than that, lots of snuggles with my baby girl, some naps and some stroller walks

    (And red wine and good books for me when she goes to bed…assuming she does go to bed b/c I am weaning her from her pacifier this weekend…..pray for me!) 🙂

    Have an amazing wknd!!

    Sounds like an alternately fun / harrowing weekend. Good luck with the pacifier weaning! My sister had a hard time giving up her bottles when she was little and my mom had the brilliant idea of swapping the bottles for her Easter basket. She told her that the Easter Bunny would take her bottles and give them to other little girls who needed them. Maybe you could come up with a variation of that? Pacifier Fairy? 🙂


  5. whatigotsofar
    Apr 17, 2009 @ 18:25:36

    When I say “bake” I mean order a cake from the finest cake shop in town but tell my mom I baked the cake. She knows I’m not much of a baker. And she explicitly stated she wanted a cake from this place. Soon, you’ll be a mother and will making demands on your child. If you do it just right, 28 years from now, your child will still be your little winged monkey doing all your little chores. The way I am still my mother’s little winged monkey.

    Ahhhh yes, I’m well versed in the mother manipulation 🙂 We have a standard list of Christmas stuff to get my mom every year of random stuff like notepads, pens, and a certain kind of hand lotion. Pfft, hopefully it doesn’t take me 28 years to develop my little winged monkey. It should be successful by the time she’s 18.


  6. DarcsFalcon
    Apr 17, 2009 @ 23:19:23

    You are going to be busy … and this might be your last weekend to do much of it. Imagine – either this weekend or next is the last weekend you’ll be just a couple. Oooooh! That’s so exciting!! I can’t wait I can’t wait!

    I had that same thought this morning – that this could be the last weekend before baby. Good thing I took that nap in the back yard 😉 Believe me, we can’t wait either!


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