So, I’m an idiot.  I’ve tried to take on too much again and ended up hurting myself.  I figured that I didn’t need Ben to carry the vacuum cleaner from its ‘home’ in the hallway closet up the stairs to the top level so that I could quickly zap any spiderwebs in my linen closet.  WRONG. 

I got the Dyson mostly up the stairs before somehow losing my balance, pitching forward, and having the vacuum cleaner fall on top of me.  Luckily, I  twisted as I fell and landed on my side instead of belly flopping.  I came out of it with rug burn on my ankle, bruises on my shin, and some wounded pride.  As the day went on, I realized that I had twinged some muscles in my back and got stiff if I sat still too long.

Fast forward to this morning… I’m running late to my weekly networking meeting but I *really* want a cup of Timmy Joe’s hot tea and a cinnamon raisin bagel toasted with butter.  I pull into the plaza and realize that everyone else has the same idea as me – the drive through is PACKED with people.  Quickly assessing the parking lot outside, I see that there is no one inside.  I figure that I can pull a quick strike attack – get in, get the goods, get out.  That would have worked perfectly if there hadn’t been a patch of black ice on the ground the size of a dinner plate.

My foot hit the ice and started a chain reaction… my arms windmilled, my face must have looked REALLY funny, and I struggled to keep my balance.  Luck was again with me as I was able to catch myself on the driver’s side mirror of the Explorer before I ungraciously busted my ass in the Tim Horton’s parking lot. 

I’m starting to feel the effects from that near miss now… what were minor aches and pains in my back and side are now full blown pulled muscles, and I think I may have pulled a muscle or two in my stomach area too.  I have no idea how I’m going to feel after 3 hours in the car this afternoon spent traveling to a new client – 1.5 hours up and back. 

Good thing I’m allowed to take Tylenol.  I may just take 2 of those this evening, grab a heating pad or ice pack depending on how I feel, and enjoy the roaring fire that Ben has already promised to make for me.

I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow so I will make sure that baby has a clean bill of health after my escapades these past two days.  I’ve felt her moving pretty well after each incident so I’m not too awfully worried. 

Note to self: slow down, take it easy.  That brings to mind a Simon & Garfunkel song…


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  1. DarcKnyt
    Jan 21, 2009 @ 13:41:14

    You’d better be careful, dear. Remember you have more than yourself to consider in all this, you horrible, thoughtless klutz!

    Yeah, yeah, yeah… 🙂

    Seriously, though, do be careful. During this time, and going forward until about three to six weeks after the baby comes, you DO need help, with a LOT of things you DIDN’T need help with before. Just face it, accept it, and threaten to sue anyone who isn’t salting/de-icing their parking lots, with many belly-rubs to emphasize the pregnancy factor. You’ll be amazed at the results you get.

    I think I’m going to appoint Ben as ‘Emperor of the Vacuum’ until I can safely carry it up and down stairs again. I already have him bringing up the clothes basket since I can’t quite manage carrying it up 2 flights of stairs anymore.

    I’m not the type of person who normally sues or threatens that kind of stuff, but I would have raised some holy hell had I busted my ass yesterday. At the very least I would have demanded free coffee for life.


  2. Allison
    Jan 21, 2009 @ 14:58:29

    Oh gosh, I am glad you are OK! That must have been really scary. It is time for superwoman to slow it down 😉 No black ice was one advantage of a summer pregnancy. I hereby order you to drive-thrus ONLY! I know the “hot bath” is one of the those pregnancy no-nos but I did plenty of pretty darn warm baths and they seemed to help.

    I took a quick hot bath last night and it felt awesome. I might take another one tonight if I feel up to it. All I need is a book, a nice hot bath filled with bubbles, and a cold glass of water to make me feel better. I actually slept with one of those ‘hot patch’ thingies on my shoulder last night because the muscle hurt so badly where I almost fell. Good thing about having my baby in the spring is that I would be a big sweatball in those final months – hooray!


  3. Sherri Cornelius
    Jan 21, 2009 @ 15:11:51

    The baby was probably like, “Mom, what the hell are you doing out there? Cut it out! Geez.” *kick*

    LOL – best for her to learn early that her mom is going to be a klutz. I bet what she felt didn’t feel much different from when I’m at water aerobics or on the treadmill. Believe me, she’s got plenty of padding protecting her!

    Get better quick!
    Awwww, thanks! Ben stoked a pretty nice fire last night so I was able to lay on the couch, chill out, and relax from the past few days. That hot bath also helped!


  4. claire
    Jan 21, 2009 @ 17:55:31

    Yowzah, you be careful girl! I didn’t have many close calls, probably because I sat on my butt until I reached self-proclaimed beached whale status when I was prego (I gained 60 pounds or something like that…trying to forget!). I admire how active you are, but do be careful. Have some more tea and put your feet up tonight! 🙂

    I can’t see you as having gained 60 pounds with Em! Believe me, this wasn’t me being ‘active’ – it was more like doing stuff I needed to get done. I should have waited for Ben to get home to help with the sweeper and I also should have just sucked it up and waited in line at TH. Live and learn, I suppose.

    Oh… done and done!


  5. DarcsFalcon
    Jan 23, 2009 @ 18:54:29

    It sucks to feel helpless and needy, doesn’t it? I’m so glad you and baby are okay! Now, sit down! Let people help you – believe me, once baby’s born, you’ll be taking care of someone else 100%, so allow yourself the freedom to put some of that care back INTO your “care account” because you’re going to be making a lot of “withdrawals” in the near future.


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