Ah, insomnia…

It’s 3:27 and I”m wide awake.  I’ve BEEN awake since about 2:43 and finally decided to get out of bed.  Typically when I wake up in the wee hours of the morning it’s because my brain is turning over something related to work or as soon as I wake up my mind starts racing about work-related stuff.  I’m at a loss this morning because it’s Saturday and my mind is pretty blank (no comments, please).

I’m torn between doing something useful (organizing or updating my Quicken) or something that just might let me drift back off to sleep (reading).  Turning on the TV is a definite no-no… a friend of a friend has blogged about the dangers of watching late night/early morning infomercials and I refuse to let myself be sucked in.  Ben is still upstairs peacefully sleeping while I’m relegated to the chilly confines of the living room.  He heard me get up, asked if I was okay, and started snoring again with his next breath – I wonder if he realizes how lucky he is?

Not sure if this insomnia is some fun new aspect of my pregnancy or just my body telling me that I’ve had too much sleep in the last few days.  After all, I *did* set a new record for falling asleep during a football game on Thursday night during the BCS Championship game – 5 minutes into the first quarter (around 8:20 or so) I was snoozing away sitting upright on the couch; I woke up Friday morning around 6:30 for a grand total of close to 10 hours of sleep. 

What does this mean for the future?  No idea… but I know that in the short term I will drift off to sleep today during one of the NFL Playoff games.  Want to take bets on whether it will be the 4:45PM game, the 8PM game, or both?


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  1. claire
    Jan 10, 2009 @ 08:29:45

    Hope you caught a few winks…Thank goodness it’s the weekend!

    Finally fell asleep on the couch around 6 after finishing my book… the dogs woke me up this morning around 8. Nothing says, “get up!” like 40 lbs of border collie landing on you wanting to play.

    You’re right – thank goodness it’s the weekend! Hopefully this doesn’t repeat itself on the week days – I don’t have to move my alarm clock down here to the living room *sigh*


  2. whatigotsofar
    Jan 10, 2009 @ 08:58:47

    Yeah, most of my time up in the middle of the night is spent watching TV. It’s something I can do with little effort and not make a lot of noise while doing it. I keep telling myself that I will use the extra awake time to work out or something, but that never materializes.

    All the things we tell ourselves that we’ll do with that extra time never happens, does it? I loved your post on the Snuggie infomercial… I about peed myself when you mentioned they belonged on members of the Polyphonic Spree / cult members. Looks like I’ve outed myself as a reader of your blog, huh?

    And falling asleep during the BCS Bowl was your body protesting the illegimate national championship being awarded to the winner.

    Bleh… I couldn’t get into the college bowl season this year. This is pretty sad coming from the girl who still has the Boise State / Oklahoma Fiesta Bowl from a few years ago saved for posterity. Sure, the schedule was hung on my fridge with its usual care, I set the DVD player to catch the games I missed while at work, and had them on while doing housework, but it just wasn’t the same and I can’t pinpoint why. I hope to do better with the NFL playoffs.

    Thanks for stopping by!


  3. Allison
    Jan 10, 2009 @ 12:22:41

    Oh Kristy. It may be years before you have another decent night of sleep 😉 I had the pregnancy insomnia pretty bad…a combination of anxiety, constant peeing, hormones, and a baby who did acrobatics when the sun went down. And some people have the theory that this is your body preparing itself for being awake during the night. I have worked with a few ladies who actually went out to their cars to nap during their lunch breaks while they were pregnant. If it gets bad I do think there are some sleep aids that are OK to take while pregnant. Have a good nap today 🙂

    I have no idea what caused it – no having to pee, not worried about anything, and baby was pretty quiet. Her acrobatic times are when the sun is up… well, for now anyways. Hopefully this was an ‘every-once-in-a-while’ thing and won’t be repeated. *fingers crossed*

    It’s so weird though… I have been SUPERWOMAN today! I ended up getting the lower living room fully cleaned, laundry room deep cleaned, 5 loads of laundry (including sheets, tablecloths & other stuff from around the house), AND my office cleared out. I’m on a roll 🙂 It’s days like today that I don’t even feel like I’m pregnant, much less 6+ months along. I find myself wondering if this is what nesting is?


  4. DarcsFalcon
    Jan 13, 2009 @ 03:41:25

    All I can say is enjoy the sleep while you can. I think I can count on one hand all the full night’s sleep I’ve had since 2001. No, I don’t consider it a full night if I wake up for ANY reason, including having to go potty, because if that happens, I’m up for an hour or so afterward, tossing and turning.

    After baby comes, sleep when she does. Please trust me on this one! Your house may fall apart, but that’s OKAY. Sleep when you can, and savor it!


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