Yesterday’s Accomplishments…

I’ve decided to focus on what I did get accomplished yesterday instead of my perceived failures.

  • 1 hour of water aerobics – my legs got an awesome workout
  • Baked lemon poppyseed muffins (they were from a box.. i’m not *that* Martha Stewart)
  • Completely rearranged my walk-in closet including separating out summer clothes & shoes, stuff that doesn’t fit me at the moment, and stuff I’ll never wear again to give to charity
  • Eliminated the dust bunnies hiding in the closet and on the ceiling fan
  • Did 5 loads of laundry

Ben made me stop around 3 so we could run errands.  A quick jaunt to Target (seriously, how could I be out of deoderant?) and also the promised 1/2 Price Books reward!  I found a Kim Harrison novel I hadn’t read, an audiobook for my mom, and a tv series for my dad, and Ben found a book by an author he was surprised to see there.  I made him stop at Dairy Queen and get me a hot fudge sundae 😀  In return he got a triple triple from Tim Horton’s – we were both winners.

I worked on a new goals page – how I did mine – and also started my 90 day action items offline.  I’m excited to work with Ben to get the accomplished.


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  1. DarcsFalcon
    Dec 16, 2008 @ 21:48:25

    Mmmm, lemon poppyseed muffins and hot fudge sundaes – I hate you! LOL You’re making me hungry! And jealous that you’re getting so much done

    Yeah, Saturday was a bad bad day nutrition-wise but I *did* get a ton done. However, I didn’t set one foot into the soon-to-be nursery but I’m ok with that. My plan for the week got shot to hell with everything going on with Grandma; I don’t deal well with last minute change but I’m trying to roll with the punches.


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