Fitness Program – Halftime results

We started Week 7 tonight and had the opportunity to weigh in and get our measurements taken after going halfway through the program.  Unfortunately, I gained back the 2 lbs I had originally lost (I’m telling myself that’s all baby related) but here’s the cool statistics!

  • 2.5 inches off my tricep
  • .5 inch off my neck
  • 1 inch off my hips
  • 1.5 inches off my chest (measured high – not like you measure the bust)

I also found a new mom / water aerobics buddy tonight!  She tried to answer her phone in the locker room, which is notoriously bad for cell phone reception, and couldn’t talk to anyone.  I commiserated and let her know that she’d have to go out front to even get close to having a decent conversation and she said she could hear her newborn crying in the background. 

We got to talking (her baby is almost 3 months old and is home with her husband tonight) and discussed how she took water aerobics up until the day before she delivered and that it made her delivery much easier.  I’m up for that!  Anyways, I think she’s going to go to tomorrow’s class with me. –   Plus she’s the same height shape as me – now I’ve got someone who was in the same shoes that I’m in just a few months ago.  Yay!


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