Water Aerobics – not just for blue hairs anymore…

I had previously taken a water aerobics class on Monday nights with Lisa – you’d swear she was a drill sargeant in a former life and really worked us hard.  I had heard through the grapevine that the other classes were more targeted for elderly people, those individuals with injuries who *had* to work out in the water, and those assorted malcontents who liked seeing other people in bathing suits in a group setting.  One day Lisa was absent and they had another instructor fill in for her.  Instead of spending the evening getting our heart rates up and sloshing some water out of the swimming lanes we were walking laps around the pool using the styrofoam dumbbells to work our triceps!

I woke up this morning at 7:30 (ok, more like 7:40) bound and determined to get to today’s 8AM class with Stephanie.  I figured that I could ease back into the water aerobics scene and get prepared for more classes with Lisa once my Team Weight Loss session is over; it’s too bad that the times conflict on Mondays.  I quickly brushed my teeth, shrugged into my swim suit – luckily I have a suit that is swim shorts with a halter top – wrestled my hair into a quick ponytail, threw on some clothes over my suit, kissed my groggy husband goodbye, and headed out the door into the bitter frigid cold of a late November morning.

I had hoped to snag a quick breakfast of a banana and a botle of water at the cafe, but just my luck that they didn’t open until 8.  I headed to the locker room where I grabbed my skimpy towel, my flip flops (can’t be too careful about athlete’s foot, yanno), and stashed the rest of my gear in the locker.    As I headed out to the pool area I noticed that we’ll be working out in the ‘warm’ pool today and not the lap pool that they keep at near hypothermic temperatures.  I grabbed my noodle and styrofoam dumbbells and hopped into the pool with the other ladies.  I started talking to the lady whose gear is next to mine and ask her about the intensity of the class.  She shocked the hell out of me by telling me that Stephanie will kick my butt if I’m not prepared for it.  I quickly assured her that I’m a pro, having survived several weeks of Lisa’s classes.  Imagine my surprise when she tells me, “oh, Stephanie is worse.”   GULP.

Imagine cross country skiing under water where you’re submerged up to your shoulders.  I had no idea there were so many different ways to vary arm and leg positions to target specific muscle groups – all based on one form.  Move your arms with your thumbs pointed straight up in the air and you begin your arms.  Modify that arm position so that now your palms are facing the bottom of the pool and you work your shoulders.  Flip your hands so that now your palms are facing the ceiling and you’re killing your triceps.  Take your arms and move them from the sides to the front and depending on the positions of your palms you can either work your chest or your back.  47 minutes of cardio later – mostly at level 3 – I was convinced that yes, Stephanie will kick my butt even worse than Lisa.  I can’t wait to see how my upper body feels tomorrow morning when I wake up.

I loved every minute of it and surprise surprise, I plan on going back on Tuesday night when she teaches again.  I think I like these classes even better than my Team Weight Loss treadmill cardio workouts.  If I’m really ambitious then I’ll tackle her 9:30AM class on Thanksgiving day.



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  1. Claire
    Nov 23, 2008 @ 12:27:06

    Wow! Sounds like an awesome work out — good for you! 🙂


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