My Friday Night of Pure and Utter Torture…

The whole class at the gym thing is working out fairly well; I’ve noticed that my stamina and speed on the treadmill has improved steadily with each class.  Remember the first night where I was amazed that she made us go 30 minutes at a 2% incline?  Well now I’m able to go 3-4 minutes at either an 8% incline or a 10% incline.  I’m rather proud of myself, thankyouverymuch.  So here I am, feeling great about my level of fitness until that warm fuzzy feeling was completely and utterly destroyed on Friday night.

Our regular instructor was on vacation communing with nature or something so she told us we could either go to the 6PM class OR we could join a different class that meets at the same time as our class.  I wasn’t able to make the 6PM class with Senorita Drill Sergeant so I opted for the 7PM Team Fitness class.  Luckily, my buddy Derek from the 7PM class was there with me so I didn’t have to go it alone.

Turns out that the same woman who does the 6PM class is the trainer for the 7PM Team Fitness class.  I knew I was in trouble when the first thing she made us do were crunches – lots of them.  Regular, bicycle, twisting – and I couldn’t do any of them because it required me to be on my back, a no-go.  What’s her solution for me?  PLANKS.  Timed planks.  Imagine my arms wobbling, butt trying to creep in the air, and all the blood being out of my toes and it still wasn’t long enough for her.  From there the rest of the class (and me) did – guess what? – MORE planks.  We even did Superman planks – regular plank followed by lifting the left arm and right leg, then right arm and left leg.  Repeat.  My stomach muscles still hate me this morning.

Then we moved on to the resistance machines.  It was essentially a speed workout.  We paired up with a partner (Derek and I stuck together on this one) and split the use of 2 machines.  If Derek was doing the tricep machine then I was using the glute machine.  We did three full rotations but each set only lasted 45 seconds with 30 seconds inbetween to switch.  We got 1 minute to travel between stations but it was craziness.  I couldn’t figure out why I was so overheated and pink.  When I started to feel nauseous I said that enough was enough and told the trainer that there was no way I could continue.  She told me that this class focused on Level 4 – essentially working at your anaerobic threshold (AT). 

What?  I was *supposed* to feel that way?  Didn’t sound safe to me so I hopped on the closest treadmill (oohh.. it was padded!) and finished the last 30 minutes of the class varying between 2.9 and 3.6 speed and between 4% and 6% incline. 

Derek was a trooper and made it through the entire class but said that he would be joining me on Monday for the 6PM Team Weight Loss class.  He was sore immediately after finishing the class.  I am STILL sore this morning; I couldn’t even put dishes away on the top shelf this weekend because my upper body is so beat up 😦 

I’m going to do the 6:00PM class with Drill Sergeant woman tonight but arrive in time for the treadmill portion and go to my normal 7PM nutrition class.  Thank goodness it’s only 1/2 an hour with her tonight.  I miss Sheila.


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