Back to the grind

Tonight’s class wasn’t too bad.  I cheated and did the 6:30 workout but went to my usual 7PM nutrition class – I’m sneaky like that.  We’re down to only 4 of us now.  Derek and I both did the 6:30 class but Michelle and Ahmad showed up expecting the 7PM class to go on as usual.  We quickly talked them out of the torture they were going to be in. 

I ended up pulling the emergency stop off twice by accident and wiping out my entire workout… grrrrr.    Talk about depressing.  Megan worked us harder than Sheila usually does but it was a good workout.  I got my butt kicked by the nutritionist because I don’t eat enough protein.  Seriously, protein at every meal?  Dunno if I can make that happen.

I’ve found I sleep better on nights that I work out.  Funny because I was worried that working out from 7-8 would keep me awake.  Great… Ben is making me watch the Devil’s Rejects.  This is gonna keep me up…


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  1. claire
    Oct 28, 2008 @ 12:06:24

    Hi K,
    Good for you for working out! I’d check with your OB about how much protein you should be eating right now. Is your nutrition teacher a registered dietitian? My mom is and she is always skeptical of “nutritionists” and others that don’t have a bachelors degree and clinical experience. Your little baby is so precious! 🙂 Glad you’re sleeping well! CK


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