Team Weight Loss – Night 1

So yeah… I joined this Team Weight Loss system at my local gym hoping to get more in shape before having the baby.  What I didn’t realize is that there’s a pretty decent nutrition component to it as well.  We get 1/2 hour with a nutritionist every week in addition to our managed workouts.  In essence, I’m getting my own personalized nutrition plan for what exactly I’m supposed to eat (ex: X starches, X fats, X proteins) per meal so that I can eat healthily (is healthily a word?) throughout the second trimester.  The best part?  There’s only SIX people in my class so we’re getting near one-on-one training and attention

With all that good stuff said, here’s what happened the first night:

30 minutes learning about what’s going to happen with the program, going through all the paperwork, reviewing homework (who said anything about HOMEWORK?).

Remaining 30 minutes spent on the treadmills for our ‘endurance test.’  Essentially, they wanted to see our base fitness level so we had to walk (or run) on the treadmills at 2% incline for 30 minutes.  At the end of that time Sheila checked the distance that we covered so that we can compare it in weeks 6 and 12. 

Wednesday’s class involves weigh-in (oh no!) and measurements which I think include our body fat.  I’m betting that I’m the only participant in this class whose waist measurement is going to INCREASE instead of decrease 🙂  We’ll work on cardio and strength training for Wednesday and Friday.


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