Week 11…

This week I just *feel* bigger.  In fact, I’m going shopping this weekend because I’m kind of ‘inbetween’ my regular pants and not quite ready to take the step for maternity pants at only 12 weeks!  My shirts seem to be too short which is weird.  Maybe I’m shrinking them in the washer but I don’t think so.  I’ll definitely be looking for longer t-shirts and shirts I can wear to work.

Also, I’m getting full in 5 minutes.  Ben made a great dinner last night and I was only able to eat 4 or 5 bites before I was just absolutely done.  Poor guy – I think I hurt his feelings but I can’t help not being hungry and/or can’t eat any more. 

Tenderness and the nausea seems to have subsided for now but it flares up whenever we drive past a Chinese restaurant.  I get weird pains every now and again but Dr. Goist tells me it could be from round ligament pain – just the uterus growing and shoving things out of the way.

Here’s what’s going on with baby: Your baby continues to grow and is now approximately the size of a large lime! The crown-to-rump length of your developing child is 1.75 to 2.4 inches. The weight of the fetus is approximately 8 grams at this point. The growth of your baby is phenomenal now and your baby’s length will double in the next three weeks.

This is the last week of the embryonic period. From now on, your baby will be called a fetus. Your baby’s fingernails appear this week! External genitalia are beginning to show distinguishing features and the development of male or female will be complete in three weeks. The placenta‘s blood vessels increase to provide your baby with the nutrients and oxygen he needs for continued growth. Your baby’s ears are gradually moving from the neck towards the sides of his head. Inside of your baby’s abdomen, the intestines are developing. Because the intestines are so large, some of them project into the umbilical cord and they will return to the abdomen within the next week or two.


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  1. DarcKnyt
    Oct 14, 2008 @ 11:26:38

    An exciting time in the baby’s life, and yours! Try not to get discouraged with weird things happening. Some of it’s hormonal, some of it’s your body figuring out what’s going on, some of it’s just you as an individual. Ben will learn to roll with the punches. (He’d better.) You’re doing great.


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