Football is life…

I’m the type of girl who watches all three football games on Sunday – the 1PM CBS, either the 4 PM CBS or the FOX game (whichever looks to be the better matchup), and of course, the Sunday Night game at 8PM.  However, I skip the grotesque Bob Costas debacle, “Football Night in America” even though it means not being able to see Jerome Bettis.  Sacrifices, sacrifices. 

So this past week was Week 2 of the NFL season or as the guys on the Fox pre-show – Jimmy, Terry, Howie, Strahan, and the guy who replaced the one guy who went to CBS – were referring to as ‘After Week 1.’  I watched the horrific Titans / Bengals matchup while trying to get some other things done.  Finally, in the third quarter I sat down and really started looking at the screen, amazed at the strength of the wind whipping the trash around the stadium.  My husband gets home from his weekly golf tee time (hallelujah – it’s my five hours of undisturbed freedom!) and changes the channel during the commerical.  Before I can blast him for his blasphemy I notice that the sound of the wind that I previously thought was on the Bengals game is continuing during the program he’s watching. 

 Uh Oh.

Tuned to the Jets game hoping to see Favre-oh in his new uniform.  Right as  the game started we lost all power.  I figured that I could miss seeing the Jets, but the countdown began to the Sunday Night Game… the quintissential showdown between the Steelers and the Browns.  Of course, there was no doubt about the final outcome of the game but it would be clearly distressing not to see it happen… play-by-play. 

Needless to say, I missed the Steelers Browns game due to the power outage but I *did* manage to catch the first quarter on the radio (woo hoo – kickin’ it oldschool!) on the way up to the local Emergency Room to check on my grandmother who had fallen.  Of course, not only was this was the right thing to do but it also passed through my mind that the hospital was the only place in the entire county that had power!  If they admitted her then I would get to see the game!  Of course, they made her wait in the ER for what seemed to be an interminably long time (over 3 hours) but I guess people with broken collarbones, split open heads, and other more severe wind-related injuries came first.  I finally made it home around 2AM – still no power.

I then started the mental countdown to Monday Night Football…


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